About Me.

Like many performers, I grew up putting on ballet performances for my stuffed animals and singing into my hairbrush. Being naturally clumsy and soft-spoken, I quite literally stumbled upon theatre and found it to be the perfect place for my child self to be loud, confident, and to sing at the top of my lungs (without my parents yelling at me from down the hall). My hometown of Andover, NJ was small, but with NYC practically next door, I found so much joy and escape in the lights of Broadway. After witnessing my first show, I was starry-eyed and in love.

For me, being an artist is so much more than chasing a childhood dream. If I can use craft and talent to uplift the voices and stories that need to be heard, or simply be the reason that someone leaves a theatre deeply moved, then I will be fulfilling a life mission.

I'm still following my inner child every day! I'm a recent graduate of the University of Miami, where I received my BFA in Musical Theatre (Go Canes!). I'll be making the long-anticipated move to New York City this summer! 

When I'm not performing, I'm making content for my friends on Tiktok (over 13,000 and counting!), working as a micro-influencer for brands like Red Bull, Maybelline, and Bioré, and taking care of my two sweet chihuahuas.